Garrick (aka. 'Lord of the Lettuce') exploded onto the Social Media Scene with his Facebook Page & Snapchat earlier this year gaining hundreds of followers each day to watch his videos on the day to life of working on a Lettuce Farm. While Garrick has moved on from the Lettuce Farm to explore other avenues like Water Cartage, Lord of the Lettuce currently has over 50,000 followers & growing each day!

It all started when he got ‘LETTUCE!’ tshirts & hoodies made up for him and his housemates, Staying true to keeping the fans happy he decided to start selling them via his Facebook page. With a MASSIVE 97 facebook messages overnight requesting merchandise, Garrick knew he needed help!

After a brief chat with Garrick to assess his requirements & technical ability, On A Cloud then proceeded to setup a managed high traffic eCommerce (online shop) solution which has enabled his followers to purchase the ever expanding 'LETTUCE!' merchandise range any time of the day or night!

The website utilizes the WordPress CMS (content management system) platform along with the WooCommerce Plugin to handle the orders & PayPal payment integration. The website also automatically calculates the shipping costs based on the customers location to ensure Lord of the Lettuce merchandise can be shipped world wide!

On A Cloud has provided Garrick & his merchandise team the training on how to use the system & best practices on handing orders along with on-going support & website updates.

If you need a solution similar to this or want to discuss your requirements please email or click here to send us a message.

You can Follow ‘Lord of the Lettuce’ on Facebook, YouTube & Merchandise is @

Friday, October 6, 2017

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