On a Cloud was formed in 2015 with the intention to bring back the good old fashioned personal touch to customer support and going above and beyond to provide the best quality service.
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With over 10 years of experience in the IT Industry from Commercial PC & POS Setups to Enterprise Datacentre Infrastructure, On a Cloud has the knowledge to provide you with the right advice and support!

The Network & Infrastructure behind On a Cloud

All of Our Servers are currently hosted in the Micron21 Outer Eastern Datacentre in Melbourne, Australia.
Here at On a Cloud we use only DELL Enterprise Hardware and we choose to be hosted with the best.

The Micron21 Network:

Fast, Multi-homed, Redundant Global Network
Our Brocade powered multimillion dollar self-funded national and international fibre network which spans between Kilsyth to Melbourne, Melbourne to Sydney, Sydney to Brisbane and all the way across the Pacific Ocean to Los Angeles via 6 pop sites across the world we now have a unique communication link supporting securely, the flow of internet transit across the world to millions of people who access our Kilsyth Datacenter daily via 130+ global networks. Micron21 Pty Ltd, unlike other providers, has a policy which enables our network never to be flooded or oversaturated. Our SLA agreements state that once our links reach 70% capacity, that they will be upgraded

Ranked in the top 1% of networks within Australia !

Micron21 now peers with 900+ upstream providers globally (which is growing monthly) Our Fully Redundant global network AS38880 is currently ranked 1st in Australia out of 1900+ networks as rated by Hurricane Electrics - http://bgp.he.net/country/AU Compare your current providers Network, Redundancy and Capacity to our world class Network and SEE the difference.